Hello everyone!  Welcome to “The Wilson Family Homeschool Experiment.”  As I have noted on my regular blog, my family is doing a three-week homeschool trial this summer.  My daughter is very advanced, academically, but often complains of not being challenged.  In addition, she sometimes has a difficult time when encountering new material, and her teachers have never been very patient with her, which causes a lot of unnecessary anxiety.  It’s hard to learn when you’re stressed!

The plan for this blog entails writing posts about planning and implementing our “homeschool experiment,” as I like to call it.  I’ll be doing a full and honest review of our experience when we’re done.


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  • I’m gonna bet you like it! 🙂

  • Thank you for your support, Theresa! Your blog is amazing, and all of your children are so beautiful. What a lucky mom you are to have so many of them to love 🙂 My daughter and I are very excited about the possibility of homeschooling, and I’m really looking forward to our “trial run.” I hope we can show the rest of the family that we CAN do it.