The Seventh Week

This week we wrapped up our study of Prehistory. It feels good to move on to the next unit!

Here’s a glimpse of what our week looked like:

— We finished up our Latin alphabet review, covering P, Q, R, S, T, Ū, U, V, X, Ȳ, Y, & Z.

— We watched two documentaries about the Ice Age. The first was from our local library, called “America’s Stone Age Explorers.” Lillia really enjoyed watching this film, and it was a nice supplement to the material that covered in Mammoth Bones and Broken Stones, which we read last week. Later in the week, she watched “Stone Age Atlantis,” about a lost part of the European continent that has been given the name “Doggerland” by modern researchers. This is a fascinating topic, and one that is of great interest to me, personally. I think that the end of the last Ice Age must have been a very interesting time to be alive. The climate was changing dramatically, and some land areas, like Doggerland, disappeared in the course of one human lifetime. Nothing gives me chills like the thought of a drowned forest at the bottom of the North Sea. It’s no wonder, really, that so many of our earliest stories and myths are about floods! Click here to watch “Stone Age Atlantis” on YouTube.

— We worked on pluralizing with the -es suffix.

— We reviewed cursive letters A, B, & C, and learned D.

— We learned a lot from Life of Fred: Cats this week, including how the Pacific Ocean got its name, the nature of obligate carnivores, pattern recognition, germs, and determining the cardinality of various sets. This week Life of Fred also included “A Row of Practice” at the end of several chapters, which is great for reviewing the addition and subtraction skills we’ve learned in these first three books.

— We learned about three new birds this week from The Burgess Bird Book: the Song Sparrow, the White-Throated Sparrow, and the Fox Sparrow. I’m so fond of Thornton Burgess’s writing. He manages to include a lot of accurate information about the animals in his stories, while still making the tales compelling and endearing.

Some photos from the week:

Lillia working hard (not hardly working).

Why not do your work in rainbow order?

Keep the baby happily distracted with snacks.

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