The Fifth Week

I may be almost a week late in writing this post, but better late than never (or so they say). Because I am pressed for time, I will be brief.

Here’s what we covered this week:

Reading: We’ve worked through the first six chapters of Anooka’s Answer. Because I couldn’t find a study guide for this book, at least not one that I liked, I made my own. I based my study guide on the the ones offered by Memoria Press, because I thought they were very comprehensive, including sections for learning new vocabulary and questions to aid retention, as well as opportunities for discussion and enrichment.

Click here to see my study guide —> Anooka’s Answer Study Guide Ch 1-6

Writing: I decided to use a combination of two writing programs that are similar in nature. Classical Writing Primer has quite a bit of religious content, which is fine, but we are taking a more secular approach to homeschooling. So, for weeks that are focused on Bible passages, we will be substituting work from Primary Language Lessons. I think the two programs are very compatible, in terms of their approach to the material and their overall style.

Latin: We started Latin’s Not So Tough! this week. I purchased Level 2 because Level 1 is devoted almost entirely to learning the Latin alphabet, including quite a bit of emphasis on pronunciation. It seemed like overkill to me, especially since Latin isn’t really a spoken language anymore. Level 2 has a nice review of the alphabet, and flash cards for each lesson. So far, I’m pleased with the program, and hoping to learn Latin right alongside my daughter.

Handwriting: We began using New American Cursive. It seems to be working really well for Lillia. There have been no tears, and she really enjoys the Mr. Meerkat character. A friend of mine suggested that we have her circle her best letter, and I think that has really helped her to feel more positive about her efforts. Not all of the letters come out perfectly, but there is always at least one that makes her proud. Thanks for the tip, Marc!

Mathematics: We finished up Life of Fred: Butterflies. The author of this math program is kind of a quirky guy! But, he seems to have such a sincere desire to pass on his knowledge. He made a series of videos for public access TV about a decade ago. In these videos he talks about many things, but mostly they are centered on what it means to be a “Well-Educated Person.” I feel a little uncomfortable watching them, but I am really fascinated at the same time. He has many interesting things to say about life and learning.

I’m sure I missed some things but I need to be brief. It’s almost time to write this week’s update already! Probably the coolest thing Lillia did in “school” last week was to sew a pillowcase! She has been having sewing lessons with my mother on Tuesdays while I am in class. Lillia seems to be a quick learner — I was always a terrible sewing student.

Here she is with her finished work:

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