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The Fourteenth Week

This is going to be a brief post, as there is a lot going on right now. There’s all the usual holiday stuff plus Lillia is performing in “The Nutcracker” this weekend, so I have been pretty busy washing leotards, putting hair in buns, and driving her back and forth to rehearsals. I’m pretty tired.

But, it’s definitely worth it.


This week, in Life of Fred: Edgewood, we learned about parallel lines, trapezoids, and rhombuses, and we reviewed sets and functions. We read some stories about Abraham in Stories from the Bible. Lillia was surprised that a woman could have a baby in her nineties. Language arts went well, and Lillia is really starting to put in some effort. It’s amazing what a difference the new books have made. Today (Friday) we had to play catch up since we missed some work earlier in the week due to rehearsal.

2012 205

Zane is learning, too! He is really enjoying “drawing” lately. He’s in the “exploratory stage,” so his work is mostly scribbles. If anyone is interested, here is a PDF that describes the various developmental stages of children’s drawings.

2012 202

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