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The Third Week

Well, this was a week where we didn’t get much done. And, I’m okay with that.

Monday, Lillia climbed Mt. Monadnock with my mom (lots of pics at the end of this post).

Tuesday, she woke up with a terrible sore throat, so we shelved school for the day, and she rested.

Wednesday, same deal.

Finally, on Thursday she was feeling better, so we took up our history, math, and independent reading work. She tried to learn the cursive letter “D,” but that ended in tears.

Friday was mostly normal. The baby is now sick (poor thing!), so that is taking up a lot of my time, but we were able to do some really good work in our history book. Lillia is now illustrating her drop-down webs without my even suggesting it (we were printing out pictures from the internet). I am so impressed with her initiative. We also did our math work (we’re now on Life of Fred: Butterflies, and still loving it!), and then she watched a one hour NOVA documentary called “Evolution: Great Transformations.” (I found it on YouTube.) She really enjoyed it.

I love our cursive curriculum, but I think we need to do a lot more practice with each letter. I purchased New American Cursive from Memoria Press, to see if it might be useful as a supplement (also, I love the meerkat!). We haven’t been working much on science because I am trying to figure out what I want to do — we may do the Thornton Burgess books, and an astronomy book I ordered from Memoria. I will write about that more later, after my thoughts have had a chance to coalesce.

I’d love to hear from other homeschoolers regarding how you deal with “sick days.” Obviously, she could have done her work in bed, but it seemed cruel. I know when I’m sick my head is all foggy, so probably not much good would come of trying to think about anything, but maybe that’s just a lame excuse…

Pictures from the hike (she was pretending to be a wolf the whole time — check out the “paws”):

Mt Monadnock 011

Mt Monadnock 014

Mt Monadnock 017

Mt Monadnock 021

Mt Monadnock 025

Mt Monadnock 041

Mt Monadnock 056

Mt Monadnock 059

Mt Monadnock 064

Mt Monadnock 069

Mt Monadnock 063

So proud of her for making it to the summit! I wish I could have been there.


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